PL person and regional manager are key in investigation by criminal organization against Cerrón

PL person and regional manager are key in investigation by criminal organization against Cerrón

Two key figures in the investigation by a criminal organization against Vladimir Cerrón and his relatives are the alternate legal person of Peru Libre (PL), Mercedes Carrión, and the manager of the Junín Regional Government (GRJ), Ricardo Untiveros. According to the file presented by the First Corporate Supranational Prosecutor for Money Laundering, Carrión was in charge of controlling the contributions to which the workers of the regional management of the “pencil” were forced, with the threat of losing their job. “The effective collaborator (No. 04-2021) reaffirms that the contribution was mandatory to maintain your job.”

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In the case of Untiveros, days ago it was learned that the official received 10,000 soles a week in his GRJ office; In this new folder, Untiveros appears again asking Marina Vásquez, investigated by “Los Dinámicos”, to bring 12,000 soles back to the regional government because it was needed for the second round campaign. Both characters continue to exercise their positions with total normality.

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Yesterday, the Sixth National Preparatory Investigation Court suspended the preventive detention hearing against Vladimir Cerron for the alleged crimes of criminal organization and money laundering. The evaluation of the request made by prosecutor Richard Rojas was scheduled for yesterday at 3 in the afternoon; however, Judge John Pillaca decided to suspend it until next Wednesday, November 16.

The presentation of the Prosecutor’s Office will take place until Thursday the 17th due to the extensive support that the Public Ministry has prepared, the defense of Vladimir Cerrón will participate on Friday, November 18.

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