Grupo Popular anuncia el Qik Banco Digital Dominicano

Grupo Popular announces Qik Banco Digital Dominicano

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Grupo Popular, Manuel A. Grullonannounced the opening of Qik Banco Digital Dominicano, SA – Banco Múltiple, a new banking subsidiary of popular groupthe first neobank of the national financial system.

The authorization for the start of operations of the new banking subsidiary was granted by the Monetary Board in its session on October 27, on the recommendation of the Superintendency of Banks and the Central Bank.

Qik Banco Digital Dominicano, SA – Banco Múltiple was conceived in accordance with the digital trends that are transforming the financial sector in the world and that demonstrate how digitization and the adoption of new technologies have become enablers to increase the levels of banking use and the financial health of citizens.

This Grupo Popular financial entity is a bank aimed at people who live in constant evolution and rely on digital solutions that facilitate their day-to-day life.

It has an agile banking model, which is based on knowing customers individually and delivers an intuitive and personalized digital experience.

“In addition, the user will be able to organize their finances in a much more visual way and will receive recommendations that will help them manage their credit history,” he explained.

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He added that “what makes Qik a neobank is that it lives in a mobile app, with simple and cost-efficient banking processes, without the need to go to branches. This lightweight operating structure compared to traditional banking allows it to transfer more benefits to its customers, accelerating access to financial products for the entire population.”

It also puts digital service channels at the service of customers within the app, it relies on advanced security solutions to protect users’ data and money.

“Customers will be able to request and receive approval in minutes through the app, in a 100% digital process, of a new credit card mastercard ‘infoless’, without sensitive information on the physical card, which makes it uncloneable”, he said.

It indicates that this is one of the first products of the new bank, whose offer will grow towards a portfolio that will solve all the financial needs of its clients, with always innovative products, among which are accounts, loans, investments and others.

To request Qik’s services, interested parties can access the web page where they register on a list of first customers, which will be entered gradually; people can search for additional Qik information on their social networks

The Popular Group highlights its commitment to the economic and social development of the country.

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