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Pilcomayo River: plant cleaning begins in the General Díaz area

The report states that for the moment the problem that arises is the wire fences placed on private property that are forming palisades with silly sticks, as happens – for example – on the Cacique Sapo bridge.

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The anthropic obstructions in riverbeds they are the main cause of siltation of solid material (palo bobo and other vegetables), so local producers are especially urged to become aware of this situation, since they put the entire population at risk in addition to incurring in unnecessary expenses.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Artur Niedhamer, director of the National Commission for the Multiple Use of the Pilcomayo River (CNRP), issued the service order yesterday for the execution of vegetable cleaning tasks in the southern zone of Gral. Díaz.

To carry out these tasks, officers were appointed Roberto Segundo Pirancho and Cristian Adrián Jaime Pintos, both machine operators.

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The points established to intervene are the Brizuela and Luthol channels, up to the Channel 26 (21.5 km). This in order to make better use and recovery of the Estero Patiño ecosystem, prior authorization from the property owners.

Fortín General Díaz is located 450 kilometers south of the Paraguayan mouth. In this area of ​​the Chaco, a few days ago the arrival of the waters was reported.

The entrance Pilcomayo River: plant cleaning begins in the General Díaz area was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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