These are the most important news for December 21, 2022

These are the most important news for December 21, 2022

The Catholic Observatory for the Right to Decide registered until November 25, 2022, 57 Nicaraguan femicides. Two more cases have been reported since that day. These rates of violence are on the rise in the country. Human rights defenders point out that the situation worsens considering that the main aggressor of women in this nation is the State.

The authoritarian drift of the Ortega-Murillo family and the implementation of total control of the State Powers and institutions is also reflected in the arbitrary detention of more than twenty women, who remain as political prisoners in the prisons of the dictatorship.

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At the request of the Nunca Más Nicaragua Human Rights Collective, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) granted precautionary measures to the political prisoner Rodrigo Navarrete and his family, after considering that his rights are in a serious and urgent situation. The beneficiary is the uncle of Jaime Navarrete, also a prisoner of conscience.

The political prisoner is a member of the board of directors of the Organization of Victims of April (OVA), which works in favor of the rights of political prisoners, “particularly in relation to the situation of his nephew Jaime Navarrete.”

The Nicaraguan dictatorship filed charges against Navarrete for alleged “illegal possession or possession of firearms and ammunition.” According to the accusation of the Public Ministry to which he had access Article 66. The victim who appears in the judicial document is the “public security of Nicaraguan society.”

The Ortega regime made official this Wednesday the dismissal of Marcela María Pérez, widow of the militant and Sandinista commander Tomás Borge Martínez, from office as Nicaraguan ambassador to Peru. In his place, the dictatorship appointed Gadiel Francisco Arce, but under the post of counselor minister with consular functions.

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The move comes after Pedro Castillo, now former president of Peru, tried to establish an “exception government.” The then head of state ordered the temporary dissolution of Congress and the establishment of a national emergency government, hours before Parliament debated a motion for dismissal that ended his term, led him to prison and unleashed constant protests in that nation, which have leaving about a dozen deaths.

The Nicaraguan dictatorship and the Russian Federation continue to celebrate 78 years of “friendship and diplomatic relations” that unite them. This time, the son of the presidential couple Laureano Ortega Murillo was the one who led a joint event in which he thanked the Vladimir Putin administration for its cooperation and reiterated that “they will strengthen Russia’s presence in Nicaragua.”

“The friendship, the brotherhood between Nicaragua and Russia is unbreakable and we reiterate our firm commitment to continue working hand in hand with the Russian Federation on projects that benefit the Nicaraguan people, that further unite the Russian people with the Nicaraguan people and that strengthen the presence of Russia in Nicaragua and in Central America,” said the sanctioned son of Ortegaone of the voices that has defended Moscow for the invasion of Ukraine.

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