Piedad Córdoba accepts Petro's decision and claims not to have negotiated on his behalf

Piedad Córdoba accepts Petro’s decision and claims not to have negotiated on his behalf

Córdoba sent a letter on social networks and asked to be submitted to the ethics committee of the Historical Pact for her to prove her innocence

Colombian senator Piedad Córdoba spoke hours after the announcement made by presidential candidate Gustavo Petro, who asked her to cease her activities within the campaign until she overcomes the legal problems that afflict her.

Through a statement published in TwitterCórdoba said he accepted the decision made by Petro, stating that it is “far from his interest” that it be used as an “excuse” by his political rivals to harm the presidential campaign and the “imminent victory” at the polls.

She stressed that she remains within the so-called “Historic Pact” and asked all those who identify with her to continue supporting Petro. She also said she was willing to submit to the Ethics Committee of the political coalition and thus exercise her right to defense “in the face of political persecution” to which she is subjected; asking that it be advertised and open to the public.

Piedad Córdoba stressed that she visited her brother Álvaro, who is detained in La Picota prison in Bogotá awaiting his extradition to the US. In his opinion, the arrest and detention of his brother was “orchestrated by DEA agents” to harm the Historic Pact campaign.

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“In my capacity as a lawyer and using my professional card, I have visited your prison site this year, but no other penitentiary. Álvaro has the right to his presumption of innocence and to be tried in accordance with Colombian law, for which I have supported him family and legally, but this does not imply any patronage agreement with drug lords to obtain electoral support, nor to offer unfulfillable promises, especially if we talk about those deprived of liberty in prisons other than La Picota. I have not negotiated anything on behalf of the Historical Pact or Gustavo Petro”, he added.

He reminded the Colombian Prosecutor’s Office that at the beginning of March he requested protection and that it be informed of any proceedings against him, but denounced that he had not received a response from the agency. That, in her opinion, prevents her from being able to clarify the accusations that weigh on her.

The processes referred to Gustavo Petro about Piedad Córdoba are related to her alleged links with Colombian businessman Alex Saab, currently imprisoned in the United States (USA). It must be remembered that Senator had been summoned in mid-February in the Supreme Court of Justice of his country to give his “free version” of this fact.

Another of the processes that the senator faces is related to some statements made by her former adviser, Andres Velasquez, who revealed that Piedad Córdoba allegedly “manipulated” the release of those kidnapped by the now defunct FARC; she being in direct coordination with the leadership of that insurgent group with a plan that sought to project her as president of the neighboring country.

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