After declaring in Justice, Katoen Natie assures that "stretch of helplessness and derision has come to an end"

The Belgian company Katoen Natie, owner of Terminal Cuenca del Plata (TCP), assured this Wednesday in a statement that the section of “helplessness and grievances has come to an end” after the judicial process began in which, as they understand, Justice will determine “the veracity” of his allegations.

This Tuesday, the general manager of the company, Vincent Vandecauter, and the manager of Institutional Relations, Fernando Correa, testified as witnesses before the Prosecutor for Economic and Complex Crimes for the complaint of the Broad Front as a result of the agreement reached with the government. for the port concession.

In the statement, the company assures that it has “tried to maintain a respectful silence in the midst of the whirlwind of accusations, lies and obfuscations” for the agreement that “put an end to a dispute that would have led to an international dispute of potential and serious damage to both parts”.

TCP questioned that the accusations against him have come from the legislative, journalistic and judicial spheresand which have largely been based “in partial and malicious information”.

According to Katoen Natie, in court They exposed “their grievances, their interpretation of the dispute, the scope of their commitments, and the manifestly irregular conduct of different actors in the port area, to the detriment of TCP and public finances.” Besides, the company decided to publish its appearance before the Justice.

The deal was backed this week in a split vote by the Court of Auditors that found no legal objections.

“It is not noted that the new management regime contravenes the provisions of the Ports Law or the Law for the Defense of Competition”, affirms the resolution to which it agreed The Observer.

However, they did question the actions of the ANP president, Juan Curbelo, because the signature from ANP “was arranged” by him, when it should have been issued by the board of the entity. “It cannot be considered as a manifestation of the organic will of the Administration”, indicates the resolution.

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