Rondón, el revulsivo del Everton en busca de la permanencia

Rondón, the revulsive of Everton in search of permanence

JOsé Salomón Rondón has vindicated himself against Leicester City, and his participation in the equalizing goal could be worth a permanence to a needy Everton of players who perform at key moments. The Venezuelan jumped onto the field yesterday in the 66th minute to provide assistance of the tying goal, which would convert Richarlison in the discount.

So much the Liverpool press, like much of the Everton crowd, claims a notable role for Rondón inside the attack. It is visible in every game that the striker has that ability to contribute in several offensive facets, and to bring his influence to the game in key moments, of which Everton will have to make a profit between now and the end of the season to achieve your goal.

a quiet job

This point achieved in the last few minutes against one of the toughest rivals in the Premier, it is today vital for the aspirations of an Everton that wants to remain in the highest category of English football. but yesterday It wasn’t luck or an isolated thing. Throughout the season, you’ve seen that revulsive image of Salomón Rondón, what It is no longer only reflected in their numbers, but also in those of their peers.

The back movements, attracting rivals and pinning the centre-backs, are always one of the ways companions arriving from the second line find favorable positions. One of the most benefited Everton players is Richarlison, that by means of diagonals attacks the back of the Venezuelan, turning them into a double offensive guarantees.

Backed by the stands and the press

Rondón’s work has been rewarded in form of a vital point got yesterday at the last moment, but It is also receiving welcome recognition online and in the field. The fight, dedication and determination of the attacker are the salient attributes by a hobby that seeks results that make the team flee from dangerous positions.

specialized press who follows Everton supports the player’s entry and defends his value within the team: “Special mention for Rondón, who provided the exact qualities that the locals needed from the bench”, commented Adam Jones, Specialized Reporter who follows Everton.

Besides, numerous fans in networks have shown their support and his recognition of the Venezuelan’s performance in the minutes he can play: “Rondón was excellent tonight. The team has been missing a ‘full forward’ for weeks,” commented this amateur of the Merseyside team.

Advanced stat makes it vital

Salomón Rondón’s game fits perfectly with that of the players around him in attack, and the recorded AI data shows amazing potential when it comes to generating for the team. Rondon, like It has been customary in all its previous stages (Newcastle, Malaga..etc) is totally dominant in the offensive aerial game, both in auction and in distribution.

But Rondón is much more than that, the data shown this season place it as the best player on the squad in second play situations, but also in offensive duels, where he usually wins, which shows that Rondón has come to be a shock what let Everton breathe easy in this end of course.

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