Pichanaqui: Merchant stabbed to death in the middle of a confrontation between merchants (VIDEO)

Pichanaqui: Merchant stabbed to death in the middle of a confrontation between merchants (VIDEO)

A few days after the anniversary of Pichanaqui, a bloody confrontation broke out on Micaela Bastidas street with Jr. September 24 and one person received an accurate stab in the chest, the wound was fatal and the man died.

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A brawl broke out between merchants from Pichanaqui and merchants who came from outside in a truck and who tried to take over the streets. The pitched battle took place on Micaela Bastidas street in front of the Financiera Confianza company. It was there that according to witnesses, a subject would have robbed a lady and Raúl Romero Salcedo (47) tried to defend her and received an accurate stab in her chest.

For several minutes the man was dying while a policeman tried to contain the blood from the wound, when he was finally taken to the sector’s contingency hospital, it was already late and he died at eleven o’clock at night.

Despite this incident, later a group of motorcycle taxi drivers arrived at the front of the municipality, to demand that they clear the main roads such as Micaela Bastidas and 24 de Setiembre, from the street vendors who arrived from other parts of the country, otherwise they threatened to do so. them by force.

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The deputy manager of the Economic Development area told Correo that they are already carrying out a preventive plan to prevent the roads from being blocked. However, the motorists took the access bridge to and from Pichanaqui and then headed for Micaela Bastidas street, confronting the merchants who were stationed there with stones, sticks, and wood, and managed to clear a few blocks from Micaela Bastidas street. The police officers could not do much to contain them. A short time later they burned plastic and wood.


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