Chilena dice exceso de velocidad fue causa del accidente en Verón

Chilean says excessive speed was the cause of the accident in Verón

Santo Domingo.- Speeding was what caused the accident Thursday morning, where two female tourists died and 48 other people were injured, on the highway Bavaro- VeronLa Altagracia province, according to a Chilean tourist who survived the incident.

“The bus driver is not as reported that he collided with a wall to avoid a truck, that was not the case, the driver was speeding and he took a curve with that speed and that resulted in a rollover,” said Dominique Dreckman, who is a nurse, during a live conversation with the Meganoticias newscast.

He specified that about four people who were stuck to the pavement are mutilated, “they lost their arms, their arms were scattered on the sidewalk.”

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Dreckman said that as a nurse she called 911 and “unfortunately in this city there are only three ambulances, two of them are busy. It was chaotic.”

The Chilean tourist explained that at around 7:30 in the morning a Maremba Tours bus picked her up at the hotel where she was staying with at least 35 people, who were going to Saona Island. She explained that the bus was old, “it was not an act to move the number of people.”

At the beginning of her conversation, the tourist said that she was “Still trying to analyze the situation, the truth was everything was very shocking, although one comes on vacation to have a good time, one never expects these things to happen.”

The group of tourists that suffered the accident was made up of citizens from Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Mexico.

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