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Petrobras announces new LPG price reduction for distributors

Petrobras announced today (22) a further reduction in the sale price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), better known as cooking gas.Petrobras announces new LPG price reduction for distributors

As of tomorrow (23), the average sale price of a kilo of LPG for distributors will drop from R$4.0265 to R$3.7842, equivalent to R$49.19 per 13kg cylinder. The average reduction will be R$ 3.15 per 13 kg.

According to Petrobras, this reduction follows the evolution of reference prices and is consistent with the company’s pricing practice, “which seeks to balance its prices with the market, but without passing on to domestic prices the conjunctural volatility of quotations.” and the exchange rate”.

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Other adjustments

This is the second reduction in the average sale price of LPG from Petrobras to distributors in September and the third of the year. On the 13th, the average selling price of cooking gas went from R$ 4.23/kg to R$ 4.03/kg, equivalent to R$ 52.34 per 13 kg, with an average reduction of R$ 2.60 per 13 kg.

On April 9, there was a reduction from R$4.48/kg to R$4.23/kg, equivalent to R$54.94 per 13kg. The average reduction reflected was R$3.27 per 13kg.

In March, there was variation, but up. On the 11th of that month, the average sale price of LPG to distributors went from R$3.86/kg to R$4.48/kg, equivalent to R$58.21 per 13kg and reflecting an average adjustment of R$0 .62 per kg.

Article changed at 4:42 pm to correct the year in the subtitle. The correct is 2022 and not 2021, as had been informed.

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