Second constituent period: Tohá confirms that the Government will not attend the meeting between parties this Friday

the vice president Carolina Toha confirmed on Thursday that the Government will not attend the meeting between political parties on the continuation of the constitutional process, which will take place this Friday morning in the National Congress.

“It is planned for now in the conversation that (the Government) participate in the meeting on Monday. The one tomorrow (this Friday) would only be of the parties and the presidents of both Chambers,” Tohá said in conversation with Chilevision.

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Let us remember that the meetings between the communities had been suspended for the past week. This, after Chile Vamos ignored last Monday the first agreements reached.

In addition, the opposition coalition questioned the statements of the government spokesperson minister, Camila Vallejo, who valued these minimum floors, but pointed to pacts regarding independents and native peoples, aspects in which no consensus had been reached. After that, Chile Vamos asked that the Executive be subtracted from future talks.

After the impasse, the presidents of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, Alvaro Elizalde (PS) and Raul Soto (PPD), respectively, reported on Wednesday that the meetings between parties will resume this Friday. In addition, they indicated that the Government will accompany future dialogues.

“Facilitate the conversation”

Tohá indicated that the government made that decision “to facilitate the conversation. It was an agreement reached between the parties to facilitate the resumption of the talks and here we as a government have the absolute conviction that this is too important for Chile.”

“We are risking the ability to build agreements and carry out a new constitutional process, the possibility of a country project that incorporates us all,” he continued.

“We are going to do everything necessary to make this work. And if that ever means a step like the one tomorrow, in which the meeting is going to be held without us, we are going to do it, because we want to bet on Chile and not because of the little roosters in the meeting who was there and who wasn’t,” said the vice president.

“The point here is that we reach an agreement for a process that is democratic, that Chileans validate and that allows us to have a Constitution that really represents us. That is what the Government of Chile is going to play for,” he added.

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