Peruvian exports would have exceeded US $ 55,000 million shipments in 2021, according to CCL

Peruvian exports would have exceeded US $ 55,000 million shipments in 2021, according to CCL

During 2021, the they would have added US$ 55,704 million, a figure that means an increase of 34% compared to 2020 and higher than the shipments registered during 2019, which were US$ 45,985 million, according to preliminary figures from the Institute of Research and Development of Foreign Trade of the Chambers of Commerce of Lima (Idexcam).

This good behavior of shipments abroad in 2021 is explained by the fact that during the month of December the value exported would have totaled US$ 5,302 million, a figure that would show a growth of 10% in relation to the same period of the year 2020.

Idexcam observes that, among the main destinations for Peruvian exports, eight of them showed positive variations in relation to December 2020: the United States, South Korea, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, India, Chile, Switzerland and Brazil. Precisely the United States would have registered an export value of US$ 904 million, which means an increase of 24%, compared to 2020 and which completes a quarter of growth compared to the previous year.

It is followed by South Korea with US$353 million (+19%); Netherlands, US$283 million (+95%); United Kingdom, US$262 million (+784%); India, $227 million (+73%); Chile, US$185 million (+43%); Switzerland, US$184.8 million (+22%); and Brazil, US$168 million (+58%).

However, shipments to China, Peru’s main destination, would have registered a drop of 46%, totaling US$ 867 million. This situation, according to Idexcam, could be due to the signs of slowdown that its economy has shown in recent months. Another negative variation would have occurred in shipments to Canada with a drop of 13% to add US$ 270 million.

Most exported products

On the other hand, among the ten main product lines exported by Peru, there are copper minerals that totaled 375,197 tons with a price of US$ 904 million, a figure that will mean drops of 45% in terms of quantity and 31% in as for the value.

There is also liquefied natural gas, 573,680 tons with an increase of 31% for US$ 655 million (+306%); gold bars, 35 tons (-4%) for US$ 626 million (-5%); fresh grapes, 159,897 tons (+20%) for US$ 411 million (+23%); refined copper cathodes, 32,427 tons (+24%) for US$ 314 million (+52%).

Also, non-roasted and non-decaffeinated coffee, 34,604 tons (+40%) for US$157 million (+105%); unalloyed tin, 3,864 tons (+92%) for US$ 153 million (+234%); fresh blueberries, 19,516 tons (+46%) for US$100 million (+45%); fresh mangoes, 65,856 tons (+48%) for US$76 million (+44%); and fishmeal, 44,750 tons (-37%) for US$70 million (-30%).

While, among the main lines of products belonging to the non-traditional macro sector, fresh grapes stand out, of which 159,897 tons (+20%) were exported for the value of US$ 411 million (+23%); fresh blueberries, 19,156 tons (+46%) for a value of US$ 100 million (+45%).

As well as fresh mangoes, 65,856 tons (+48%) for US$76 million (+44%); fresh asparagus, 17,639 tons (-0.4%) for US$ 47 million (-8%); and natural unground calcium phosphates, 464,569 tons (+71%) for US$ 39 million (+134%).


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