Onamet reporta que habrá chubascos y frescas temperaturas

Onamet reports that there will be showers and cool temperatures

could register scattered showers in the northeast, southeast and Central Cordillera regions, due to the incidence of the prevailing east/northeast wind, forecast the National Meteorological Office.

It is expected that in much of the country it will be mostly clear in the morning with slight cloudy increases in the afternoon and early evening.

Temperatures will remain cool, mostly in mountainous areas of the country and in the early morning and night hours.

In the Santo Domingo province there will be scattered clouds in the afternoon and isolated showers will occur.

In the National District there will be isolated clouds and rains will be scarce.

For tomorrow, Saturday, the Onamet predicts that a frontal system will increase the occurrence of downpours, thunderstorms and gusts of wind in towns in the northwest, the Cibao valley, the northeast, central mountain range and border areas.

Onamet reported a frontal system that will increase the occurrence of downpours, thunderstorms and gusts of wind towards the northwest, Cibao Valley, northeast, Central Cordillera and border sectors.

Temperatures will be quite cool, especially in mountain areas.

COE issues green alert in the face of dangerous waves on the North coast


For the night and early morning, temperatures will be pleasant to very cool in mountain areas, where fog and frost generation are expected in its internal valleys, due to the time of year.

National District: Scattered clouds to partly cloudy at times.

Santo domingo norte: Showers in the early hours of the night.

West Santo Domingo: little cloudiness

Santo Domingo East: Isolated clouds.

Great Saint Dominic: Maximum temperature between 30 °C and 32 °C, the minimum between 19 °C and 21 °C.

Dry and stable conditions in most of the provinces. Predominant wind from the east/northeast dragging some cloudiness. Pleasant to cool temperatures at night and early morning. Normal sea conditions on the different coasts.

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