Personal finance: tips to take care of your pocket at the end of the year

Personal finance: tips to take care of your pocket at the end of the year

The year 2022 closes with record figures for inflation and interest rateswhich directly influences the personal finances of Colombians.

According to World Bank estimates, the Colombian economy, it would grow 4.1% in 2022, while it is expected that by 2023 its growth will be 3.5%.

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Based on these calculations and thinking about the pocket of Colombians, the insurer Liberty Seguros presented the five tips that must be taken into account for the approaching end of the year party.

‘Tips’ to take care of your economy in the New Year

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Take care of ant expenses: Ant expenses are those small sums of money that are spent on everyday pleasures or in things that are not used.

Therefore, the insurer’s recommendation is to choose a monthly budget for these expenses and begin to add the small purchases, in such a way that this budget leads to a spending limit.

Avoid unnecessary purchases: The key to avoid this situation is to ask yourself if you really need the product you want to buy, also try to do not enter online shopping pages and unlink credit cards from cell phone applications.

Colombian economy.

Save transportation costs: If you are working or studying from home on these dates, it is recommended to save the monthly money that you normally spend on transportation, in order to use this sum in emergency expenses that may arise.

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Make a list of monthly expenses: have a list of the expenses and financial obligations that you have monthly, is key to keep planned What you can or can’t invest your money in.

Prepare your meals at home: In these end of the year dates it is common that in the middle of the celebrations with company, family, friends or simply because you are lazy to cook, choose to eat outside your home.

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However, this option is not healthy for your pocket since generates additional expense. The recommendation is to cook at home in order to measure expenses more accurately.

You can also choose to make list of daily menus of the weekso that when you buy in the supermarket you identify the necessary products that you need to buy.


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