Dollar drops to R$5.15 with relief in the foreign market

Dollar ends the day in decline and stock market registers high

The dollar closed today (28) down 0.63%, at R$5.25 on sale. On a day of low liquidity in the market, as is common at the end of the year, the movement of the dollar followed the foreign market and also domestic employment data, with Brazil opening 135,495 formal jobs in November, according to the General Register of Employed and Unemployed (Caged).Dollar ends the day in decline and stock market registers high

In the international market, investors are apprehensively watching the effects of the abrupt opening of Chinese health policy. The risks to the economy caused by covid-19 in the Asian giant are opposed to optimism with the prospects for growth of the country’s economy.

The São Paulo stock exchange, the B3, ended the penultimate trading session of the year on a high. The main index, Ibovespa, recovered the level of 110 thousand points lost at the beginning of the month.

Reference index of the Brazilian stock market, the Ibovespa rose 1.68%, to 110,399.53 points, according to preliminary data. The financial volume added up to R$ 17 billion.

*With information from Reuters

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