Persecution and crash: three dead in the Pan-American

Persecution and crash: three dead in the Pan-American

Photo: Police.

three people died this Friday and a fourth was seriously injured when the car in which they were persecuted by the police from the Buenos Aires town of Bancalari collided with a truck that was parked on the Pan-American highway, Campana branch, a few meters from the Ricardo Rojas toll, Police sources reported.

The episode began after 3:30 a.m. when personnel from the Tigre Operations Center (COT) alerted a patrol about the presence of a black Volkswagen Vento, MDG 702 license plate, detained with occupants in the Bancalari area, in an attitude they considered suspicious.

According to police information, when the patrol officers approached, they signaled them with lights and tried to identify the people who were on board, the car sped up and ran away.

For this reason, according to the spokesmen, a chase began on the Panamericana collector and, when passing the toll that is at the height of the Henry Ford factory, at kilometer 33.7, the Vento was out of control. and hit a truck that was stopped on the shoulder.

Police Photo
Photo: Police.

The crash caused the death in the act of three of the occupants of the Ventowhile a fourth person, a man, was transferred in serious condition to the Don Torcuato hospital, the informants added.

The spokesmen said that, at the moment of impact, the Vento had a broken tire, so it is being investigated whether the police fired during the pursuit.

Initially, the informants stated that the troops would have fired with rubber bullets, which is now the subject of an investigation.

As a result of the crash, members of the Road Safety Police, volunteer firefighters from General Pacheco and personnel from the National Gendarmerie were working on the scene, with the assistance of the highway concessionaire, Ausol.

Minutes before 7:30 am, vehicular traffic began to be diverted towards the collector, while firefighters continue with the work to remove the bodies from the car.

For now The identity of the deceased and the injured person is unknown..

Police Photo
Photo: Police.

A woman, who arrived at the scene of the crash looking for her daughter, told the press: “I would like to know what happened. I don’t know if she is alive or dead. I would like to know what happened.”

“She texted me at 4:30: ‘Mom, I’m crying. The police are after us and I don’t know why.’ I didn’t hear anything else.” I saw the location through the application and here I am. My daughter had gone for a drink, it was the first time she had gone out with that boy. I have to see if he is one of the dead, “a desperate woman told the press.

For his part, Armando, the driver of the truck against which the Vento collided, said: “I was sleeping and the impact woke me up. I get out of the cab and see a woman on the passenger side who was destroyed. It seems that they came from a manhunt. They were wrecked inside and taken to a room wounded.”

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