Perremeistas will say goodbye to Jorge Mera

Perremeistas will say goodbye to Jorge Mera

The Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) reported that as of 1:00 p.m. today, the remains of Orlando Jorge Mera will be guarded at the national house of that organization.

Elizabeth Mateo, national secretary of communications of the PRM, informed that from that hour the militancy and leadership will be able to say goodbye to who was also their political delegate before the Central Electoral Board (JCE).

The PRM deeply regretted the untimely death of the political leader who at the time of his death held the position of Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources, through whom he carried out work with a marked vocation for service, responsibility and social commitment, attached to Dominican rules and laws.

He points out that Jorge Mera, as a political delegate, played a leading role in defending the PRM’s victory in the 2020 elections, assuming a firm and respectful political position.

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The president of the PRM, José Ignacio Paliza said: “Yesterday we planted a tree together in the heights of Valle Nuevo, we drank coffee and dreamed of the future of the land that we love so much. I will miss you so much, dear friend. Peace,” he said.

Jorge Mera, son of former President Salvador Jorge Blanco and Doña Asela Altagracia Mera Checo, was an outstanding and consecrated lawyer, politician, university professor, doctrinaire and defender of the environment of our country, occupying different positions in the Public Administration.

On his side, Eduardo Sanz Lovatón (Yayo) maintained that “my heart is not enough for me. Orlando, you’re leaving in a hurry. Damn rush. An absurd rush. A murderous rush of who was your friend. God knows. God disposes”.

Deligne Ascención, for his part, I assure you, it is always difficult to lose a colleague, but when this is a friend with whom different spaces of political and official responsibility are shared, their human conditions are appreciated, it is even more difficult. “See you always dear Orlando.”

Eddy Olivares said he felt overwhelmed by a feeling of deep sorrow for the unexpected departure of Orlando Jorge. “My thoughts are at this moment with Doña Patricia, Orlando, Patricia Victoria and Dilia Leticia. Forever with you, comrade!”.

Nelson Arroyo said that in the midst of our pain over the death of his brother, he cannot help but express consternation and impotence “over the death of his brother, friend and companion Orlando Jorge Mera. Peace to his soul and consolation for the whole family”.

Alfredo Pacheco deeply regretted the loss of his friend and colleague Orlando Jorge Mera, whom he defined as a great human being committed to his country. “My condolences to his children, wife, sister. Will always remember you!”.

Roberto Fulcar said that he has immense pain for the sad loss of his friend and colleague Orlando Jorge Mera, whom he defined as a peaceful and decent human being. “Our condolences to his family. Peace to his soul!”

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