Percy's statement postponed pending psychiatric evaluation

Percy’s statement postponed pending psychiatric evaluation

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The hearing of the former mayor of Santa Cruz Percy Fernández was postponed until the results of the psychiatric evaluation carried out by the experts are known, prosecutor Marcela Terceros confirmed.

However, the investigation of the case continues and this Thursday the date and time of the next hearing will be determined.

Terceros explained that Fernández’s defense withdrew the annulment incident that questioned the psychological report prepared by the Forensic Investigation Institute (IDIF) and will await the psychiatric assessment that defines the state of physical and mental health of the former authority.

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“The investigation against the former mayor continues, since the psychological assessment made by our IDIF expert remains in force,” the prosecutor concluded.

Fernández’s hearing was scheduled for 10:00 this Thursday, but after the nullity incident was withdrawn, the judge decided to suspend Fernández’s statement until the psychiatric report is known.

“I imagine that during the course of the day the commission is going to meet so that we can make a determination regarding dates and the procedure to follow with reference to the ex-burgomaster from Santa Cruz,” said Terceros.

Fernández is being investigated for the alleged creation of a corruption network within the Santa Cruz municipality.

The former authority was supposed to testify last Wednesday, January 20, after an IDIF report concluded that his cognitive conditions are preserved. However, his hearing was suspended pending further psychiatric evaluation.

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