Cartel señalizador de la localidad de Caimanera, en la provincia cubana de Guantánamo. Foto: Otmora Rodríguez.

Perceptible earthquake reported in the eastern end of Cuba

A earthquake perceptible in the easternmost part of Cuba was reported this Tuesday by the network of stations of the National Seismological Service, which located its epicenter about 32 kilometers southwest of the town of Caimanera, in Guantanamo.

Information disclosed by official means indicates that the earthquake, with a magnitude of 4.0 on the Richter scale, occurred at 10:11 a.m. at coordinates 19.83 degrees north latitude and -75.43 degrees west longitude, at a depth of 33.8 kilometres.

In addition, it states that the specialists have received reports of perceptibility from various locations in the provinces of Guantánamo and Santiago de Cuba.

The note specifies that it is the fourth perceptible earthquake on the Island so far this year, and that so far it has not transpired that the phenomenon has generated material and human damage.

The perceptible seismic activity on the Island this year began on January 5, when the National Center for Seismological Research (Cenais) reported a magnitude 3.2 tremor then located about 4 kilometers north of the town of Buey Arriba, in the Granma province.

Before the reported now also registered a movement of magnitude 5.2 on March 23, about 150 kilometers south of the municipality of Maisí, in the province of Guantánamo, which also did not leave victims or damage to infrastructure.

Generally a very high seismic activity was recorded in the first quarter of 2022 in the Caribbean region, especially in the southwest of Haiti, very close to the eastern coast of Cuba, a situation that experts relate to the 7.3-magnitude earthquake of August 14, 2021.

Precisely, as a prelude to this Tuesday’s tremor, yesterday an earthquake of 4.1 degrees was recorded in the south of Haiti, without the authorities of that nation reporting significant damage.

The telluric movement occurred in the sea 21 kilometers from Jeremie, capital of the Grand Anse department and one of the cities hardest hit by the earthquake last August that left more than 2,200 dead.

Last week, two other earthquakes had also been recorded in the southern part of Haiti, with magnitudes of 3.6 and 4.2, respectively.

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