Penadés assures that there is a "plot" behind the complaints against him: What are his arguments?

Penadés assures that there is a “plot” behind the complaints against him: What are his arguments?

Gustavo Penadés in a file photo.
Gustavo Penadés in a file photo.

This Wednesday, the senator for the National Party (recently resigned from that force), Gustavo Penadés, assured that there is an alleged “organization” that has armed complaints of abuse and sexual exploitation of minors against him, and claims to have proof of it.

The right-wing legislator broke the silence in an interview with Universal Radio 970 AM. “(The line of defense) that we have is based on a plot that has been organized to harm me. And in this sense, a series of elements have been used, which we hope to have the possibilities of being able to demonstrate; many of them have been (alluded to) in my first statement, and we hope in the future to have other elements to be able to work on it, ”he assured in the conversation with the radio medium.

Penadés also mentioned a photo in which, supposedly, he would be seen entering a hotel with high turnover, and there is a young man reflected in a mirror. Later, he also related his position to the video in which he is seen entering an ATM, shared by the National Party militant, Romina Celeste Papasso Oliver, in March of this year. The latter was the first to publicly denounce it, unleashing a string of new complainants to add 11 to date.

“I know who filmed it, he was an adult and I know perfectly (…) when he filmed it,” said Penadés. “He is the same (the person from the hotel and the one who recorded the video of the cashier) and at the same moment, because he only went once, and he is a person of legal age,” he said.

He pointed directly against that person that he allegedly filmed, saying that he does not have “the slightest doubt” that this individual is behind “the plot.”

Penadés spoke with the name and surname of who would be behind the “plot” against him

Radio Universal stated that, according to Penadés, there was a young man supposedly with the last name Mastropierro, and that he had been called “Mateo”. In 2019, the legislator added, at 19 years of age, he was sentenced to 20 months in prison for five crimes of fraud against UNICEF Uruguay and a financial one.

This man would have posed as the UN Youth Vice-Ambassador, as reported by the newspaper The country at the time. According to the Police, the maneuvers carried out by Mastropierro totaled about $33,500. In conversation with the radio, Romina Celeste revealed that it was precisely Mastropierro (who introduced himself as Mateo) who gave her the photo and video of Penadés.

The boy “had links with (the professor of the Military Lyceum investigated in the case) Sebastián Mauvezín through gay circles and contacts in some groups of white youths,” Indian Universal and pointed out that, according to a statement from the Prosecutor’s Office, it was the young man who asked the professor to meet the senator.

“I think that responds to a strategy that is very well thought out. Not having conclusive evidence, firm elements, they replace that with quantity. Now, in the quantity, they will have to prove it”, finished off Penadés.

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