Fundalatin: The impact of the blockade in Venezuela was not recognized at the UN

During her speech at a session of the United Nations (UN), the president of the Latin American Foundation for Human Rights (DDHH) and Social Development (Fundalatin), María Eugenia Russián, rejected the fact that it did not recognize the impact of the blockade in Venezuela.

“We are concerned that he does not mention the cases of the victims of the guarimbas,” he said.

*We regret that the High Commissioner for Human Rights does not repudiate the theft of Citgo by the US that has caused the death of Venezuelan boys and girls,” he added.

He stressed that the unilateral coercive measures against Venezuelans have generated a devastating impact and this is ignored in the High Commissioner’s report.

He affirmed that the measures have generated economic, health and social effects.

“We are concerned that this report does not mention the case of Orlando Figuera, a young man who was burned and lynched alive by sectors opposed to the government, as well as other victims of violent protests from 2013 to 2017,” he said.

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