More than 201,000 irregular migrants have passed through the Darien jungle this year

Judith Pena | July 5, 2023

A total of 201,167 irregular migrants have entered the Darién jungle from January 2023 to today, Wednesday, July 5, according to the Ministry of Security (Minseg), this represents a considerable increase compared to the first half of 2022, when they transited a total of 49,452 people.

According to the figures, the list of people is headed by nationals of Venezuela with 103 thousand 028 citizens; followed by Haitians with 33,553; in third place the Ecuadorians with 25 thousand 925.

Minseg statistics indicate that April 2023 was the month with the highest number of migrants entering Panama through Darién. In that order, May followed with 38,962; March with 38,099; June with 29,722 entries; in February there were 24 thousand 657; in January 24,634 and so far in July 4,796 travelers.

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