Pedro Castillo: "We are willing to move forward without corruption"

Pedro Castillo: “We are willing to move forward without corruption”

The President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, assured that they are willing to work for the development of the country “without corruption”, along which he stressed that they are not afraid of the challenges they face, such as the pandemic and the consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“This is a government that will never reach the Peruvian people empty-handed, we are willing to move forward without corruption, without tolerance of these challenges that we have faced today, such as the pandemic and the war between Ukraine and enemies like poverty, inequalities, so I have to learn from you that with the minimum tool you have had to get ahead and now you need the support of your authorities “he claimed.

His statements were given in the framework of a meeting he held with artisanal fishermen in the district of Chorrillos this Wednesday, June 29, Fisherman’s Day. The Minister of Production, Jorge Luis Prado, was present at the event.

It is expected that this Wednesday the head of state will participate in a mass in the Cathedral of Lima for the day of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

Castillo Terrones’ presentation comes days after he refused to receive the members of the Supervisory Commission, which is investigating him for allegedly irregular meetings he had at the house of Jirón Sarratea, in Breña.

Currently the head of state is being investigated by the Public Ministry for the alleged crime of criminal organization.

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