FP deposits more than a million members in the JCE registry

The People’s Force (FP), the youngest party in the system, deposited yesterday in the Central Electoral Board (JCE) a register of one million 94 thousand 82 militants.

Leonel Fernández, president of the organization, headed the delegation of his party that deposited the document in a meeting with the plenary session of the organization headed by its president, Román Jáquez. After leaving the meeting, Fernández stated that in the last six months the organization grew by 60%.

“We went from 648 thousand 753 members to one million 94 thousand 82 militants, that is to say that in six months the People’s Force grew about 60% and we have come specifically today, because we are the youngest party in the Dominican Republic, we have two years and a half after having emerged a goal was that we planned to reach a million affiliates, by meeting that goal, ”said the former president upon his departure from the JCE.

He explained that the register of his party reflects that the majority of its militants are women, 548,846, for 50.16 percent, while men are 545,236 for 49.84%. He added that 14% is made up of people between the ages of 18 and 25; 25% from 26 to 36 years old and 19% from 37 to 45 years old.

Regarding occupation, 17% are students; housewives, 17%; 8% private employees and 7.5% agricultural producers. Fernández assured that the register of the organization he directs is auditable and that they do not have problems of double affiliation because, in accordance with the provisions of the party law, the valid registration for a citizen who appears registered in more than one party is his last registration.

“We made a crossover and what we have presented is completely purified, and we have an additional 195,000 that are in the purification process,” he stated. The political leader pointed out that his party has structures throughout the country and abroad with some 53,507 base addresses and 3,250 medium addresses.

About the elimination of electronic voting

Former President Fernández described as correct the ruling of the Constitutional Court that declared electronic voting not in accordance with the Constitution. “The automated vote will no longer be used, the traditional system will be used, not that fraud is completely ruled out, but it can be seen and discussed, in the electoral precincts the delegates can realize it and then the electoral results that will be digitized on this occasion, if there is a discrepancy they cannot be presented, so we are taking all measures to respect the popular will, “he said.

Fernández reported the traumatic situations with the electronic system. “When the idea of ​​automated voting was presented, all the parties supported that possibility, but it happened that there were traumas, in the Dominican Liberation Party in its primary elections, and there was also trauma in the municipal elections,” he commented on the impact that had the system in the country.

“Serious surveys place us in a technical tie”

Fernández assured that several studies of voting intentions place him in a technical tie with President Luis Abinader. “It is the force that is growing, we are seeing different surveys that are being carried out, by serious polling firms, and today we have a technical tie with the President of the Republic and we are two years away from an electoral contest, therefore, the only force that is on the rise at the moment in the Dominican Republic and that is representing the aspirations of transformation, is the People’s Force”, he affirmed.

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