Pedro Castillo: revives the president's participation in Huánuco and Zamir Villaverde's statement

Pedro Castillo: revives the president’s participation in Huánuco and Zamir Villaverde’s statement

The Ombudsman, Eliana Revollar, questioned the Executive and Congress for not responding to the needs of the population and, instead, for being stuck in the political confrontation. There is a responsibility from the Executive, there is a disarticulation and deep down this political crisis does not allow us to see the problems that citizens are interested in,” Revollar said in RPP about citizen insecurity.

Likewise, he asked the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, to answer the Prosecutor’s Office. “It is up to give the statements, although there is the possibility [de hacerlo por escrito]the important thing is to go to fiscal instances to respond”, he declared.

In addition, he asked Congress to give access to the press. “Journalists should be given the widest freedom to carry out their work, the widest capacity should be given in the hall of Los Pasos Perdidos, in the Plenary, in the commissions,” he said.

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