Adiplast apoya supervisión y cierre de empresas de Ministerio de Trabajo

Adiplast supports supervision and closure of companies of the Ministry of Labor

The president of the Association of the Plastics Industry (Adiplast), Alvaro Sousasupported the actions of Ministry of Labor to inspect, supervise and close companies that are not complying with the Work codethus affecting employees and creating unfair competition for companies that do comply with the law.

He warned that this situation has been seen in recent years with companies that settle in the country and seek ways outside the law to reduce costs based on applying abusive practices against workers, such as not pay overtime, minimum wages, Social Security, vacation wages, among others.

He stressed that this also generates unfair competition, since these types of industries compete with national companies that do operate in compliance with labor and Social Security laws, which represents a significant cost for the same.

“The law is there to comply with it and whoever does not comply with it must be punished, because allowing these practices to happen promotes informality and non-compliance with the laws,” said the president of Adiplast.

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Sousa highlighted the case of closure at the beginning of the month of the Chinese capital company Kington Aluminumwhich was closed by the Ministry of Labor for violations regarding minimum wages, overtime, lack of a safety and health committee at work, weekly rest, non-payment of vacation wages, non-enjoyment of vacations and excessive working hours.

It will regulate the plastic industry

An Plastic Research and Training Center was created jointly by several public and private entities, with the aim of contributing to the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of the Dominican plastic sector, which contributes approximately 6% of the GDP of manufacturing in the country, with 168 industries and 11,500 direct jobs.

The initiative is from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes (MICM), the Association of the Plastics Industry (Adiplast) and the Technological Institute of Santo Domingo (Intec) with the support of the Institute for Training and Research of Plastic and Rubber ( Icipc) from Colombia.

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