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Pedro Castillo: Criminal Chamber released PNP generals investigated for irregular promotions

Pedro Castillo: Criminal Chamber released PNP generals investigated for irregular promotions

The Second National Criminal Court of Appeals yesterday ordered the release of three Police generals investigated for paying US$40,000 in bribes to be promoted in 2021 by the former president .

The officers are Pedro Villanueva, Manuel Rivera and Nicasio Zapata, who were released this morning from the Prefectural headquarters, located on Avenida España, in downtown Lima. The businessman Óscar Monge Macarlupu also recovered his freedom.

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Edward Alvarez, Zapata’s attorney, told Peru21 that the judges concluded that there was no risk of flight or obstruction, as sustained by the special team led by prosecutor Marita Barreto.

“The decision is correct because urgent and urgent acts cannot be detained officers to take testimonial statements from 25 people,” he alleged.

Álvarez indicated that the court corroborated that those involved do register roots and that for this reason his sponsor was captured at his home in Lima, where he lived before being appointed as police chief in the Tumbes region.

The lawyer added that the court only released those investigated who appealed. For example, former PNP Commander General Javier Gallardo is still in preliminary detention.

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On December 26, Barreto’s team obtained the arrest warrant for 10 days for five generals, a PNP non-commissioned officer, a retired PNP major, and a businessman.

According to the investigation, Gallardo was in charge of arming the “police arm” of the former president so that they respond to your interests.

In total, 9 generals would have paid US$40,000 in bribes to be promoted. Petty officer Jorge Tarrillo, former escort of Terrones, was in charge of collecting the illicit money to deliver to the former head of state, according to the tax hypothesis.

The businessman Óscar Monge, along these lines, would have been favored with tenders called by the regional offices where the officers were posted.

Tomorrow the term of 10 days of detention expires. The Public Ministry evaluates requesting preventive detention.


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