Puerto Rican Angerilis Marrero García, 27, died from multiple stab wounds delivered by her assailant, Luis Eduardo Terrero Gómez.

Dominican kills pregnant Puerto Rican girlfriend

Santo Domingo.- A young Puerto Rican woman traveled to the Dominican Republic at the end of December to give her partner the news that they were expecting a child; However, last Saturday the 31st would not only be the last day of the year, but also of her life.

Angeliris Marrero Garcia27, died from multiple stab wounds inflicted by her attacker, Luis Eduardo Terrero Gómez, 26, who later called her mother by video call, showing her the bloody and lifeless body of her daughter.

Luis Eduardo Terrero Gomez

Subsequently, Terrero Gómez turned himself in to the authorities, confessing to the crime. But not before also calling other relatives of his couple, from Angeliris’s cell phone, to inform them of what happened.

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According to the Public Ministry, the murderer appeared that Saturday, just after noon, at the National Police palace, where he was arrested after assuming the crime and informing that he had left the body of Marrero García at his residence located in the sector Villa Carmen, in the Santo Domingo Este municipality. There he committed the murder.

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Yesterday, Tuesday, the judge of the Permanent Attention Office of Santo Domingo Este, Bernardo Coplín, sentenced Terrero Gómez to three months in prison, which he will serve in a prisonfrom San Pedro de Macoris.


during a interview granted to the Telemundo networkMildred García, mother of Angerilis, said that her daughter had traveled (as other times) to the Dominican Republic, this time to inform her partner of the pregnancy.

Mildred Garcia

“On the 31st I receive a call at 10:30 from a telephone number that says ‘God is merciful’, when I answer this voice comes out and tells me: ‘turn on the camera’, when I turn on, I see the most horrible thing that a mother or any human being may have seen my daughter naked, inside a bathtub, bathed in blood, protecting her tummy and this human being tells me: ‘I killed you for being a bitch,’” García narrated.

The woman said that her daughter had been in a relationship for several months with Terreo García, whom she met through the Instagram social network.

García asked the US authorities to request the extradition of Luis Eduardo Terrero Gómez to be tried under US law because his daughter was a US citizen.

He also stressed that the Dominican Ministry of Foreign Affairs is collaborating to transfer the remains of Marrero García to his country.

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