Pele's legacy

Pele’s legacy

elé received the greetings of his admirers in the stadium where he shone playing. The stadium of his beloved Santos received more than 250,000 fans who paid him their last tribute. The new president Lula was greeting the family that bid him their last goodbye at the burial in a cemetery in the seaside resort where Edson Arantes do Nascimento dazzled for more than a decade. Brazil and the world mourn his departure.

It was not a question of a king of a monarchy in the world, but of a man who already rests in peace, who was nicknamed that way for his quality as a footballer, incredible plays and goals, and above all for his human quality. He was a great philanthropist supporting various just causes, although he is criticized for not having been generous with one of his many daughters from various relationships.

Edson Arantes do Nascimento or how Pele was known has already left but he left the world many ways to face and live the success and life of a soccer star that can and should be imitated by everyone in the world. If he played in the world today he would earn more than 230 million dollars per year, the same salary that the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo will receive for the same time at a club in Saudi Arabia. Humility, joy and optimism is what stands out from the soccer star and, briefly apolitical, sports minister of Brazil.

The legacy that leaves

Pelé now, although he is no longer alive, has left references and human legacies that should not be forgotten and must be part of the lives of those who reach different platforms, be it in politics, sports or any field where his image represents a reference. for society.

Soccer is running out of kings but not of consciousness and hopes of once again having magicians playing soccer or illuminating souls with human words as did the player from Santos and the Brazilian team with which he won three World Cups. Messi, Maradona, Erico and others did not reach the stature of the mythical Pelé. It only remains to look at his plays and observe that he had invented everything in the popular sport of soccer. His personal fortune left to him is 100 million dollars but his legacy is immense in the practice of a sport that dominated all his techniques.

We still have the memory of his art and his successes as well as a life marked by all aspects of a human being with lights and shadows, but his legacy remains impregnated in each of the admirers of this sport.

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