Pedestrians are in ruins on the Las Américas highway

Pedestrians are in ruins on the Las Américas highway

There are several pedestrian bridges in poor condition that were observed yesterday along the Las Américas highway in Santo Domingo Este.

With rods exposed to the elements, broken and rusty, as well as loose concrete, these works were visualized through which passers-by are supposed to cross safely, from one end of the road to the other.

Despite its condition, pedestrians climb these pedestrians as a way to avoid being hit by vehicles traveling at high speeds on this track.

However, the state of these bridges is not optimal, which could keep their users free of accidents.

At first glance, it can be deduced that an incident could occur at any time due to the lack of support in rods and construction materials with which the stairs that are at the height of these pedestrian bridges are made.

Evil caused by saltpeter and the passing of the years

Likewise, some corrosion was seen on the metal part of these pedestrian crossings caused by the saltpeter of the place.

Part of the handrails are made of plastic tubes, but many of these are deteriorated and this is scarce in some areas.

Every day that passes, these bridges look more vulnerable and lack of maintenance by the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC).

Elevated of the avenue Hípica

The elevated one of the Hípica avenue that passed over the Duarte highway is in serious damage, especially in its security fences.

In this level crossing it was visualized with all its metallic areas oxidized and without the active intervention of the MOPC.

Drivers who walk through that space do not have a safe barrier to contain them in case of accidents.

Despite the fact that a few meters away there is a sign that prohibits the passage of heavy vehicles on that elevated road, some drivers take risks and go up to gain time when going from one section to the other.

In that place, there is no permanent MOPC staff to monitor traffic at that crossing.

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