Attorney General was denounced before the Public Prosecutor's Office

Attorney General was denounced before the Public Prosecutor’s Office

the attorney general She was denounced on June 1 before the Prosecutor’s Office for allegedly having ordered the file of a disciplinary process that was registered against her.

The complainant is an anonymous citizen who points out that Caruajulca had a complaint since January 24, 2020 for negligence in her duties as attorney for the Municipality of San Juan de Lurigancho.

The case was in the State Legal Defense Council of the Ministry of Justice, according to the complaint to which it agreed Peru21.

But the citizen warned that during the broadcast of the 24 Hours program, dated May 20 of this year, the State Defender reported that she had no open process.

In this way, the citizen establishes that Caruajulca caused the file of his process because he changed personnel in the Office of Functional Control of the Attorney General’s Office, an instance in charge of seeing cases of this type. The complaint is in the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office.


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