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The Minister of Sports, Diego Galeano, received at the house of Paraguayan sports the shirt of the Paraguayan Sports Elite, Nicole Martínez. The athlete shared her experience as a sports scholarship holder at Yale, one of the best universities in the world, and the opportunities that it opened up for her in major rowing competitions.

In the talk with the t-shirt, Galeano recalled his experience of having received a tennis scholarship at Baylor University in Texas, USA, where he studied Management and Entrepreneurship for four years. “Like Nicole, I appreciate the opportunity I had to study those years, on a tennis scholarship at Baylor Business. This is a new challenge that we now have in the SND, to encourage more athletes to go to the US with scholarships to train and be trained,” said the Minister.

Nicole Martínez, the 19-year-old National Rower, is a member of the Paraguayan Sports Elite, who stands out in international rowing, achieving several medals in the Pan American and South American Games belonging to the Olympic cycle.

The current No. 7 in the world in the Junior Ranking, is awarded a sports scholarship at Yale University, USA, and has been standing out in important competitions at the university level, having excellent presentations and leaving Paraguayan rowing high. This weekend, she qualified for the Henley Regatta, the world’s top university-level Regatta held in the UK, alongside her Yale team. She returned from that trip and made a stop to visit the Minister of Sports.

Nicole commented on what she chatted with the SND minister. “It really was a very comforting visit. I felt very comfortable talking to the Minister about what I want to do, at the ODESUR Games, with a view to the Pan American Games, so I told him all that and how I am preparing myself,” said the athlete.

Nicole is studying at Yale thanks to a scholarship obtained for her high academic and sports performance. “I feel that my level is growing a lot and the results are also showing that, we went to compete in England, we reached the final and it really was a wise decision to go to study in the US, it is a process that adds to my sports career” he expressed the T-shirt.

She stressed that rowing has already opened many doors for her and she has achieved several achievements, stating that this sport gave her the opportunity to go to the US with a scholarship. ahead of the Odesur 2022 games. Competing with our fans, family and friends is extra pressure, but I think it will also be satisfying to win medals. We are going to compete in several boats, and yes, it is something super exciting,” said the athlete.

multifaceted athlete

The rower now has to be rowing with eight people at the University because there she only competes that way, however, all her life she rowed single, sometimes double. “I would say that single is my favorite boat” expressed the athlete.

“The SND, the committee and the federation are really behaving with all the support they are giving us athletes and I think we are paying off. The rowing gave many medals I could not go to the Bolivarians but I saw that the team is super strong with many medals and all this is due to the support they give us ”he concluded.

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