Patricio Rodríguez spoke with ‘Xico’ Da Costa and wants him back in Bolívar

Patricio Rodríguez spoke with 'Xico' Da Costa and wants him back in Bolívar

June 26, 2023, 5:32 PM

June 26, 2023, 5:32 PM

Bolívar let go of many players, especially Blooming, and needs to rebuild to maintain a competitive roster in Libertadores and local tournaments. Within the possibilities that the Academy manages to reinforce its offense, He is an old acquaintance: Francisco Da Costa.

The issue stopped being a rumor on social networks a while ago, and even ‘Duckling’ Rodríguez himself mentioned it at a press conference. ANDThe Argentine striker stated that he had spoken with ‘Xico’ and have even given advice on his return, to whom he is his close friend.

“We are in a period of change, with many boys who have left (…) perhaps others will be incorporated that hopefully serve to add (…) One is from Xico Da Costa. I knew that Xico had a chance and I talked to him a lot this week. I gave him my point of view on his sporting and personal situation. The important thing is that he makes the best decision for him. TOWe are waiting for him with open arms, he is a wonderful person, I hope he can come”, Patrick said.

We will still have to wait. The transfer market in Bolivia closes on July 6, and the Academy will have time until then to define whether its scorer returns or not. Meanwhile, Rodriguez and Bolívar are focused on the Copa Libertadores where they aspire to qualify as leaders of their group.

“We qualified for the round of 16 playing well. We have scored many goals, conceded few, and we hope to continue in the same way. The better you play, the closer you are to scoring, and I make an exception in the round of 16. (There) I choose to advance as needed and with what the party needs. That’s being up to the situation.” He analyzed the one-on-ones that will come to him in the Cup.

Bolívar must travel to Brazil and face Palmeiras this Thursday. The meeting is scheduled to start at 20:00HB. La Paz need a tie or victory to be first, since they equal in points (12) with the Brazilians.

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