Recovery Bonus: how to check if I can access the 1.5 million pesos subsidy

He Recovery Bonus it is a benefit that is activated based on the information collected in the Basic Emergency File. Its main objective is to help recover the habitability of homes affected by natural disasters. It is important to note that this voucher is not intended to rebuild the home in its entirety, but to provide support to recover habitability, such as the replacement of belongings or the repair of specific damage caused by the emergency.

The process to access the Recovery Bonus begins with the taking of the Basic Emergency File, which is carried out on the ground once the situation of emergency It has been controlled and people are stabilized. In various regions of the country, such as Valparaíso, Metropolitana, O’Higgins and Biobío, cadastre and digitization work has already begun to identify the affected areas and collect the necessary information.

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