Three jailed for murdering homeless man

They track down a man who murdered his rival with two stab wounds

The body of Jassiel Antonio Jiménez Acosta (29) was located on Sunday inside a house located in La Luciteña, La California urbanization, Sucre municipality (Miranda), according to police sources. The Cicpc is after the search for the murderer.

Jassier’s relatives reported him missing since last Friday when he left his home, which is in Vuelta El Gato, Guaicoco.

Jassiel’s body had two stab wounds on the neck and face. The body was inside a house belonging to the woman with whom Jassier had started a relationship. Precisely that woman’s mother was the one who found the body.

On the day of the event, the woman’s partner arrived and surprised them. Seeing the scene, the man took a knife and thrust it into Jassier until he was left to die on the spot. Then, the assailant fled, taking the murdered man’s motorcycle, cell phone, and money.

Jassier worked in a carpet factory.

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