Patricio Arce: soccer player is arrested for allegedly belonging to a criminal gang and being involved in attempted murder

Patricio Arce: soccer player is arrested for allegedly belonging to a criminal gang and being involved in attempted murder

Soccer player Patricio Salvatore Arce Cambana is once again involved in a new police incident. On the afternoon of last Friday, the player from the Universidad César Vallejo club was intervened by agents of the National Police when he was concentrating in a hotel with his teammates in Trujillo, prior to the duel against Alianza Atlético de Sullana.

The arrest was made at the El Paraíso hotel, located in the city of Trujillo, and responds to the order of the Fourth Transitory Preparatory Investigation Court, which on March 1 ordered the preliminary arrest of the former player of the Melgar sports clubs, Sport Boys, Cantolao and Mannucci.

According to police information, the 29-year-old soccer player would be a member of a criminal gang known as ‘The Baturris of the Low Pearl’, dedicated to collecting quotas in construction and sanitation works in Callao; in addition to being linked to the attack against a police officer in March 2021.

According to the investigations carried out, Arce Cambana would be the intellectual author of the attempted homicide against the police officer from the Callao Emergency Unit, identified as Piero Javier Robles Gervasi 22 years old, who was doing patrol work in the First Port. This event occurred on March 24, 2021 when two subjects belonging to this criminal gang shot at the PNP member.

In the case of the police officer wounded by a bullet last year, they were also arrested Jeferson Josué Ramirez Ríos (34) and Anthony Ramirez Condemarín (25), which were recognized by the agent. These two subjects were sentenced to eight months of preventive detention by the Fourth Office of the Third Provincial Criminal Prosecutor’s Office of Callao, for the alleged crime against life, body and health, in the form of attempted homicide. , to the detriment of Piero Javier Robles Gervasi.

Agents from the Criminal Investigation Division of Callao will give more details of the investigation involving soccer player Patricio Arce at a press conference today, Saturday, March 19.

It is not the first police incident involving a footballer

In 2021, soccer player Patricio Arce suffered two attempts on his life when he was a member of the Carlos A. Mannucci sports club. Both events occurred in Bellavista, Callao.

It was in January of that year that the soccer player was shot and a teenager at the Cantolao Academy lost his life after a shootout at the intersection of the Zarumilla and Nicolás de Piérola shreds. Then in April 2021, Arce was attacked again in the same place.


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