Intrant holds tender for two electric vans

Intrant holds tender for two electric vans

The National Institute of Traffic and Land Transportation (Intrant) is in the bidding process for nine trucksof which seven are diesel and two others are electric.

According to the tender in both vehicle ranges, Intrant requests at least three years of warranty or one hundred thousand kilometers of circulation, while in the diesel category they seek to be 4 X 4 and in the electric 4 X 2.

The estimated price to invest in the electric units is 3,176,621.92 pesos for each one, while the unit price of the diesel model is 2,809,679.45 pesos.

The Intrant explained that the intention in the purchase of the electric vans is that “those two trucks They will be used in the sustainability mobility section as a way to comply with the strategic plan for electro mobility and to contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide. The trucks They will be used daily.

Until the moment of this story in the Dominican market there is only the Dongfeng EV400 from the year 2022 a vehicle imported by Peravia Motors and that yields, according to the dealer, 300 kilometers of autonomy. The price on the house is about $59,900.

Meanwhile, other dealers promise that in the coming months, in 2023 or 2024, they may have trucks to sell on the market as the Rivian, whose annual production in 2021 could not meet the demand of 1,200 vehicles. However, the price in the country would be around 110 thousand dollars.

In the segment of trucks there’s the Ford-F150 Lightning, which goes on sale in spring 2022; While the Chevrolet Silverado EV will start sales in 2023, also due out in 2023 are the GMC Sierra and Hummer, both in their electric versions.

Another of the vehicles that are supposed to go on the market in 2022 and are still in process is the Tesla Cybertruck; however, some international media have warned of certain production problems that have forced its delay.

The Lordstown Endurance, from the Lordstown company, would be coming out, if everything goes according to forecasts at the end of 2022; and the Toyota Tacoma EV is in the near future for the Japanese company.

So there are also other models such as the Canoo Pickup Truck, which would be in production in 2023.

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