Passengers and drivers, in favor of the Sanitary Pass in transport

Passengers and drivers, in favor of the Sanitary Pass in transport

Passengers and drivers of medium and long distance lines were in favor of the sanitary pass. (Photo Eva Cabrera)

The province of Buenos Aires implemented from this Thursday the mandatory health pass for medium and long distance transport to and from the province in which complete vaccination against the coronavirus is verified, a measure that passengers highlighted because it gives them “greater security” when traveling.

The initiative establishes that the health pass will be a “mandatory requirement for the use of regular and/or specialized public passenger transport services by motor vehicle near the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (medium distance) and long-distance intercity and/or rural services, in addition to complying with the protocols, recommendations and instructions of the health authorities”.

The transport pass consists “in the accreditation, by all persons over 13 years of age, of at least two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine through the applications “VaccinatePBA”, “My Argentina” or “the vaccination card in cardboard or card format”.

Now, “concessionaire companies or permit holders of public services of provincial jurisdiction will be in charge of controlling the accreditation of the Covid Free Pass prior to the start of the service, and must prevent the promotion of users who do not comply” with it.

In the terminal of La Platausers and passengers of medium and long distance lines They agreed that the application of the sanitary pass gives them “greater security” when traveling by bus.

“I am a health professional and now I travel safer since many people inside the group take off or lower their chinstrap,” he told Télam Virginia, a user who travels daily to the City of Buenos Aires.

In that line, Roman Salamanca, A passenger on the Nueva Metropol line, also bound for the City of Buenos Aires, told Télam that she has two vaccines against Covid-19, that she is “waiting for the turn of the third one” and that the measure “That’s okay with you because of the herd immunity issue.”

“The health pass is a correct measure, it is a way to take care of each other and encourage the other to get vaccinated,” he said.

Robert He commented that he has “the three given vaccines”, that they had not yet asked for the pass and that it seems “good for safer travel” because the coronavirus “is a reality”.

Meanwhile, J.Ohana and Melody Valdez They said that “they did not know that the implementation” was in force from today, but they admitted that they carry the health pass on their cell phone and that “it does not seem bad to them that they ask for it”, as also happens in other areas.

Regarding the transport lines, From the ticket sales windows they showed precautions when it came to specifying information.

However, they admitted that the passengers “are on the subject”, and that when asked for the vaccination certificate, no one objected.

“Most have it and present it, they know that if they don’t show it they won’t sell the ticket,” said a Chevallier employee.

About buying tickets onlinesaid that “it is not yet resolved, but the sanitary pass will be requested when boarding the bus,” he detailed.

Similarly, from Plusmar, El Cóndor la Estrella and Jetmar -who make trips from La Plata to destinations such as Azul, Mar del Plata, Olavarría, or Bahía Blanca- indicated that “the company has not yet given indications”but that those who buy are informed that “Surely they can ask for them when getting into the vehicle.”

In that sense, Ministry of Transport sources They detailed to Télam that they found “a very good acceptance by the people to the measure”.

“We know that there are some places where there are still some complications, which are understandable,” they added.

And they completed: “Surely in the next few days we will go out to different points to help, inform and educate on the correct implementation.”

Earlier, in statements to the TN signal, Gustavo Gaona, spokesman for the Chamber of Long Distance Transport Companiesindicated that they are conducting “staff training.”

He also said that they are trying to correct the online system, since “many tickets are bought virtually, and that, in that sense, changes must be made.”

“People who have already bought them will not have problems traveling even if they do not have the health pass because they bought it beforehand,” he clarified.

For its part, the director of the National Commission for Transport Regulation (CNRV), José Ramón Arteagasaid that the sanitary pass will serve “to raise awareness that we all have to be vaccinated.”

Speaking to radio Provincia de Buenos Aires, the official stated that “the CNRV is going to collaborate with the province.”

Meanwhile, in the Mar del Plata terminal passengers and drivers were in favor and agreed that the health pass “gives us greater security when traveling.”

“I think it’s a very good measure, and it’s good that they ask for it because it’s one more way to take care of ourselves and be safe,” he told Télam Silvia Villarroulwho was getting ready to travel to the Dellepiane terminal, located south of the City of Buenos Aires, and at the same time clarified “they haven’t asked me.”

In that line, StellaMaris, who has just bought a ticket to the town of Dolores, said: “I think it is very good that they ask for it, because it is a way of knowing that whoever travels with me in the bus is vaccinated and that gives me security.”

As long as Mauricio Salon, a native of Tucuman, while awaiting the arrival of the bus to return to his hometown, he said that “I think the implementation of the health pass is very good and that they demand it is a way of controlling and worrying about everyone’s health.”

“I have both doses and now I am waiting for my turn to get the booster shot,” said Mauricio, who rested for a week in Mar del Plata.

The pass must accredit all people over 13 years of age at least two doses of the vaccine against Covid19 Photo Eva Cabrera
The pass must accredit all people over 13 years of age at least two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. (Photo Eva Cabrera)

In another sector of the bus terminal, there was Thomas Figueredo, who expressed to this agency: “I am from the city of Resistencia (Chaco) and in our case when we bought the ticket they have asked us for the health pass. I welcome the fact that they demand it, I have both vaccines against Covid-19 and I hope to give myself the third dose soon”.

On the other hand. diego perez, who had his ticket in hand to return to his home in Lomas de Zamora, indicated that “it seems good to me that they start asking for it, if ultimately it is for the good of all. As scientists say, professionals must be vaccinated to be better immunized”

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