Pasión Dávila, from Peru Libre: "This is not the time for a change in the Constitution"

Pasión Dávila, from Peru Libre: “This is not the time for a change in the Constitution”

The congressman of the caucus Pasión Dávila commented that, in his personal opinion, this is not the time for a or a change to the 1993 Constitution, despite the fact that there are initiatives from colleagues in his political group that raise this in Parliament.

“You have to be quite honest. We evaluate the national context and what the people are asking for. Those who have always asked for a change in the Constitution have been asking for it to happen, but the current context does not warrant that determination”commented in statements to Successful.

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“[¿No es momento de una Asamblea Constituyente ni cambio en la Constitución?] Obviously this is not the time.”he reiterated.

It should be remembered that just three days ago, the pro-government legislator Margot Palacios, with the support of several congressmen from Peru Libre, presented a bill to authorize the President of the Republic to convene a Constituent Assembly.

Pasión Dávila expressed his rejection of the realization of a Constituent Assembly. (successful)

In this regard, Pasión Dávila assured that his opinion against this possibility is personal and not an agreement made with the teachers’ block of Peru Libre or the rest of the bench, of which he assured that there is a position taken in this regard.

“What does Peru want? Economic stability, Peru wants work, it wants gas and gasoline to go down so that it can have at least one family basket within the reach of the poorest people. We cannot be radical at this juncture”, he commented.

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The parliamentarian also mentioned that in the plenary session of Parliament there are not enough votes to promote a change in the Constitution.

“To have that policy of changing the Constitution you have to have almost majority support from the population. In that context you can walk. In Congress there is a majority of opposition and they will never approve it because the numbers rule. It can be debated, but in the end the votes will rule”he concluded.


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