Green March asks to approve domain extinction law

Green March asks to approve domain extinction law

Members of the Green March asked in front of National Congress approve the draft law from domain extinction for civil forfeiture of illicit assets.

Carlos Briseño, who spoke on behalf of the group, asked the senators and deputies to sanction this piece with their favorable vote without delay and warned that they will be standing and intensely firm demanding its approval.

“When that law If the fortunes that cannot identify their legal origin are promulgated, they will be bound to be recovered in favor of the treasury so that they can be reinvested in satisfying the basic needs of the people,” he said.

He specified that without a doubt that law It will constitute a fatal and necessary blow to end the impunity that affects the country.

for him that law it should have come into force more than 10 years ago when the specialized prosecutor’s offices were created.

“This law it must contemplate the retroactive persecution and without prescription of the crimes of corruption. It is imperative to stop the mockery that implies the ostentation of goods whose origin cannot be applied because they have been stolen from the treasury with fraud, corruption or illegality”, reflected the activist.

He considered that it is time for the National Congressas promised, promote the fight against corruption and impunity and that resources stolen from the State can be recovered.

He said that there is enough time for the Legislative Power to stop following the paths of corruption that have been widely rejected by the Dominican people in the streets and at the polls, during the past elections.

He also said that they hope that public trusts will be rejected in the Legislative Branch because, in his opinion, they imply the granting of public assets to “sectors that always get richer.”

Briseño warned that Green March and the other organized sectors of the people who have dressed in that color will not rest in demanding that those who obtain criminal and corrupt structures and systems be persecuted.

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