Katoen Natie and ANP denounce irregularities in public docks in the last three governments

Katoen Natie and ANP denounce irregularities in public docks in the last three governments


Cuenca del Plata Terminal, made up of 80% by the multinational Katoen Natie and 20% by the National Ports Administration (ANP), decided to upload to their website the text of their appearance before the Contentious Administrative Court (TCA), “ so that public opinion has access to the elements that allow it to form a well-founded and true opinion on the dispute” whose purpose allows them to predict an “auspicious stage of national and regional projection for the Port of Montevideo”, it was expressed in a statement .

The port operator of Belgian origin published its presentation before the Contentious-Administrative Court in the case of Montecon SA against the Executive Power for the request for annulment of the agreement between Katoen Natie and the State.

On Friday, March 25, 2020, Terminal Cuenca del Plata SA and its related companies, Nelsury SA and Seaport Terminals Montevideo SA appeared before the TCA.

Since then, both Katoen Natie and TCP “have tried to maintain a respectful silence in the midst of the whirlwind of accusations, lies and obfuscations resulting from the signing of the agreement between the government of the Republic and Katoen Natie in February 2021, an instrument by which would put an end to a dispute that would have led to an international dispute with serious damage to both parties,” the company said.


Katoen Natie assures that for more than a year, and in different scenarios, whether legislative, journalistic or judicial, “TCP and Katoen Natie have tolerated falsehoods or disqualifications, largely based on partial or malicious information, reaching the extreme of referring to the terms of the agreement as an ‘ill-gotten gain’”.

“This stretch of helplessness and ridicule, however, has come to an end. TCP and Katoen Natie have had their opportunity in Court and before it they have explained in detail, their grievances, their interpretation of the dispute, the scope of their commitments, and the manifestly irregular conduct of different actors in the port field, to the detriment of TCP and public finances”, indicated the international firm.

They emphasize that from now on it will be the Justice that determines the veracity of their allegations.

In this sense, they have decided to upload to their corporate website (www.terminalcp.com.uy) the text of its presentation before the Contentious-Administrative Court, so that public opinion can access it and form a well-founded judgment on the subject.

Katoen Natie and ANP denounce irregularities in public docks in the last three governments

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