Confirm the first two cases of Chikungunya in the year

Confirm the first two cases of Chikungunya in the year

Dr. Gustavo Chamorro, director of the National Malaria Eradication Service (Senepa), in an interview with Radio 1000, reported that in the last epidemiological week the first two confirmed cases of Chikungunya have been registered at the country level so far this year.

He specified that those affected are two young people who live, work and study in the city of Mariano Roque Alonso. In relation to Dengue, the head of Senepa reported that there have been 26 confirmed cases, an amount substantially lower than that registered in previous years.

“If we make a comparison with the previous year at this point we had more than 2,000 confirmed cases, despite the rainy season and a significant invasion of mosquitoes, the epidemiological situation, let’s say it’s fine,” he said.

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