Party in formation UNI files criminal complaint against magistrates of the Electoral Court

The party in formation Independent National Union (UNI), chaired by Iván Blasser, presented this Wednesday a criminal complaint before the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ), against the magistrates of the Electoral Court (TE) and those who are responsible, for hindering and hinder the interest of Panamanian citizens in forming a political organization, in open violation of article 138 of the Constitution and articles 34 and 44 of the Electoral Code.

Blasser, in the capacity of provisional legal representative of the Independent National Union Party (UNI), “I am addressing that highest authority in electoral matters, in order to request that it instruct the corresponding, in order to certify to us, the reason, motives and foundations of fact and right, for which they have not provided to date the authenticated copies of the Registration Books of adherents of our group”.

He stated that the foregoing is due to the fact that through Note No. 29-DNOE, dated April 25, 2018, signed by the National Electoral Organization Subdirectorate, “we were informed that in order to obtain the corresponding books and other requests detailed in our note dated March 28, 2018, we had to pay the sum of four thousand four hundred and seventy-five balboas ($4,475), which would be the equivalent for the payment of the authenticated copies of the 895, which contain more than 44,750 pages.

He explained that the corresponding payment was made, and they were issued receipt No. 5682 dated January 4, 2019, for the sum of $4,475, corresponding to the payment of duly authenticated copies.

According to Blasser, to date they have not received such authenticated copies as they were cancelled, nor have they received an explanation as to why this attitude, “with which they leave our political organization manifest and in a state of defenselessness, thereby vetoing the right to be represented as a political party, by not carrying out the corresponding legal actions that prove it”.

“The damage caused by this action within a rule of law is incalculable, since it not only affects a right, but also the sovereign will of the people who support us in our democratic and representative intentions of Panamanian society,” he said.

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