Deputies postpone emergency law

Deputies postpone emergency law

The Chamber of Deputies, in an extraordinary session, postponed the treatment of the new health emergency bill. It is promoted by the Executive Power, through its Ministry of Health, and was modified by the Chamber of Senators, where it obtained the half sanction.

Chartist Colorado deputies and some Liberals decided to leave the session without a quorum, alleging that the Permanent Commission convened this extraordinary meeting unconstitutionally. With this, the date on which the initiative will be analyzed again remains uncertain.

As announced by several pro-government deputies, this was a “retaliation” by the Chartists, after Arnaldo Giuzzio, Minister of the Interior, revealed that Panama was investigating the former president last Friday. This was accentuated on Monday, when the Secretary of State announced that he will criminally sue Cartes for alleged money laundering during his term in the Executive (2013-2018).

Sebastián Villarejo, national deputy for Patria Querida (PPQ), said that if there is an emergency, it can be approved or rejected. He asked the Colorado legislators to fight at the ANR headquarters, but not to avoid the treatment of an essential law for Health due to political differences.

“If there is an emergency, we treat it. They spend violating the National Constitution every Wednesday. If it is postponed, it will be negotiated again. The Senate session was held. If the majority wants to treat, let it be treated”, he said without any success.

Basilio Núñez, Colorado national deputy (chartist), affirmed that the session of the Permanent Commission, where the extraordinary meeting of the deputies was convened, was unconstitutional, since it met virtually, considering that, by law, they must already meet in person. face-to-face from this year.

“We ask the Permanent Commission to call an extraordinary session of the Chamber of Deputies. This, to deal with the internal regulations and extend the virtual sessions”, he stated.

Regarding Villarejo’s criticism, he pointed out that it is simply part of his presidential campaign.

“The red inmates have nothing to do with it. This has been going on for a week. We only ask that the National Constitution be respected,” he said.

Jazmín Narváez, national deputy for the ANR (official party), affirmed that the country is going through a health crisis, so the approval of the law is key.

“Small businesses are also affected. Some 200,000 jobs could be saved thanks to the latest law,” he stressed.

The document establishes four articles. Article 1 declares a state of emergency throughout the country, in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, until June 30, 2022.

Article 2 extends until June 30 of this year, the validity of Law No. 6,707/2021, with regard to the powers and authorizations established in the regulations; while in article 3 it determines the extension, until March 31, 2022, of the validity of Law No. 6,742/2021, referring to the National Coverage Fund for Hospitalized Patients, with its amending legislation, Law No. 6,848/2021.

Article 4 is the sticking point. The same authorizes the Ministry of Health; Social Security Institute (IPS); Hospital of Clinics; Military hospital; and the Rigoberto Caballero Hospital of the National Police, to carry out hiring for replacement in case of resignation, death or retirement of health personnel, from the different health services, until March 31 of the current year.

This hiring may be done via exception. That is, with fewer controls than if it is a normal tender.

There are five more articles, but only the fourth is problematic.

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