PAN asks that the PRI candidate in QRoo decline in favor of Laura Fernández

PAN asks that the PRI candidate in QRoo decline in favor of Laura Fernández

It is about preventing “between the worst government model that Morena is representing throughout the country and the call is not only the party that is running Leslie (the PRI), but all the other opposition parties to join the that there is a useful vote and if the parties do not do it, to their supporters who see that they have no chance and that the only way to beat Morena is that they give us that useful vote, well thought out, well used, “he said.

At a press conference, Cortés Mendoza assured that “in all the measurements that we have, having started three to one down, at this moment we are reaching, we have already reached, it is an election that we are going to win with Laura Fernández”, standard-bearer of the PAN alliance with the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD).

In her opinion, that is why alleged news and formal complaints appear, such as the one presented by the Puerto Morelos city council against Fernández, who was municipal president of that city council, accused of alleged embezzlement and millionaire irregularities via contracts with her now ex-husband Carlos Alberto Moyano .

“They are looking for a way to finally dirty trajectories,” he said.



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