A collision between a truck and a tourist car leaves two dead and seven injured in Camagüey

A collision between a truck and a tourist car leaves two dead and seven injured in Camagüey

A traffic accident between a truck with passengers that covered the Camagüey-Bayamo route and a tourist car left at least “two dead and seven injured,” posted on social media the provincial government in Camagüey. “Assistance assistance is provided at the scene.”

The injured, it was specified, were transferred to the Manuel Ascunce Domenech Surgical Clinical Teaching Provincial Hospital in Camagüey and the Armando E. Cardoso General Hospital.

Preliminary versions, cited the official press, point out that the “truck invaded the opposite path from which the tourist car was coming.” Both vehicles caught fire after the collision.

The road mishap took place on the section of the central highway located one kilometer from the town of Martí and ten kilometers before reaching the municipal seat of Guáimaro.

According to official figures, the number of deaths on roads – a large part of them pedestrians and cyclists – increased by 24% in 2021, with 589.

The secretary of the National Road Safety Commission (CNSV), Reinaldo Becerrapointed out last April that a total of 8,354 accidents occurred in 2021, with an increase of 8.32% (632) compared to 2020.

Being the provinces of Santiago de Cuba and Havana -the capital- concentrated the largest number of claims.

Among the main causes of traffic accidents, highlights the CNSV, are the driver’s inattention, failure to comply with the right of way and speeding. But the poor condition of the roads and the aging vehicle fleet on the Island, where cars over 50 years old, also have an influence.


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