Ositran: Investment in transportation infrastructure totaled US$ 166.9 million in the first quarter

Ositran: Investment in transportation infrastructure totaled US$ 166.9 million in the first quarter

The (Ositran) reported that in the first quarter the investment in transportation infrastructure, in the 32 concession contracts under its scope, reached US$ 166.9 million.

He indicated that the greatest dynamism of these investments is reflected in railways, specifically in Line 2 of the Lima Metro with US$61.61 million executed, followed by the highway sector with US$57.58 million, the port sector with US$ $45.38 million and airports with capital for US$2.31 million.

In this way, the accumulated investment in transportation infrastructure made through the Public-Private Association (APP) mechanism as of March this year totaled US$10,152 million, which represented 61.14% of the total investment commitments of the concessionaire companies.

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Regarding the level of progress, that is, accumulated investments versus investment commitments, road infrastructure represents 94.61%, followed by capital in ports (62.25%), railways and the Lima and Callao Metro (50.88%) and airports. (21.62%).

only in march

Ositran mentioned that investments valued in March reached US$ 86.81 million, supported mainly by the capital of Line 2 of the Lima and Callao Metro with the execution of US$ 53.03 million.

Investments in ports reached US$ 16.96 million, highlighting the capital placed in the New Container Terminal in the Callao Port Terminal, the Salaverry Multipurpose Port Terminal and the Paita Port Terminal.

Likewise, investment in highways totaled US$ 16.81 million, driven by the works carried out on Red Vial No. 4 Pativilca-Puerto Salaverry, Autopista del Sol-Trujillo Sullana, IIRSA Norte Paita-Yurimaguas and IIRSA Sur section 4: Azángaro-Inambari.

The regulatory body highlighted that compliance with the concession contracts allows investments and the quality of the transport infrastructure for public use to continue improving the quality of life of citizens.

Ositran supervises 32 concession contracts in transportation infrastructure for public use: 16 contracts for highways, eight for port terminals, four for railways and electrical systems for mass transportation, three for airports and one for a waterway.


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