Franco predicts that the concertation will fail

Franco predicts that the concertation will fail

The former president of the Republic, Federico Franco, stated for the Megacadena that the concertation is an enigma shrouded in mystery because no one has experience in Paraguay and believes that the opposition may possibly reach 2023 with several candidates to confront the ANR. “The only experience, and it is quite amateurish and even not very serious, is the Guasu Front concertation,” he said.

“I think that on April 30, next year, we will probably not have a Colorado vs. opposition election, but we will have 2 or 3 opposition candidates vs. the Colorado Party. We of the Liberal Party cannot, just like that, give the presidency in the concertation, whatever the candidate may be, ”he said.

He also said that unfortunately within the liberal opposition there is no agreement. “They tell me that both Burt and Fleitas would come to an agreement and eventually they would have a single candidacy to confront Efraín Alegre. If the two continue, I believe that Alegre wins and if he wins the internal elections, he sits on the side of the PLRA, I believe that the end of the film is also sung”, he indicated.

He reflected and maintained that it must be recognized that one cannot agree with Alegre, but he is the standard-bearer of the opposition against the government of Abdo and Cartes.

“I do not believe that this agreement will have the result that we all expected, that all those who aspired to be candidates for president would submit to the popular will this December 18. There are several that are no longer within the agreement, from the beginning. There will be 2 or 4 candidates in the elections on April 30, 2023 ″, he assured.

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