Plate X became history, now it is the PP

Plate X became history, now it is the PP

The General Directorate of Internal Taxes (DGII) invalidated from this Monday the display plate X giving way to the exclusive circulation of the electronic provisional plate (PPE).

The agency decided to switch to PEP, an electronic document with a QR codewhich allows temporary vehicle identification within the national territory, through the initial nomenclature “PP”, for circulation on public roads.

The deputy director of DGII, Ricela Spraussaid to Free Journal that the transition period from the old license plate to the modern one began in January of this year, where authorized vehicle dealers were oriented on the process.

“As of today, plate X can no longer circulate in the vehicle fleet. A deadline was given to dealer so that they can assign or even return to the institution the ones they had in their hands. The deadline for the 90 days expired yesterday. sentenced the official.

According to the agreements reached and the provisions of the General Standard No. 11-2021 of Internal Taxes, the last X-plate It should have been assigned on January 31, 2022 so that, as of this day, May 3, 2022, none was circulating on the streets.

Spraus said that the DGII he offered to reimburse the dealers for the old license plates he had left so they wouldn’t be given to the driver. The circulation of a X-plate At this time it is interpreted as a violation of the regulations of the DGII and traffic laws.

The official assured that the vehicle seller who has delivered a X-plate after January, he would face a fine of up to 20 minimum wages, while the driver supervised by the Digesett must answer for the penalty described in the Traffic Law.

Are these the ones that can generate the provisional plate?

Authorized dealers, distributors, dealers and sellers of motor vehicles and trailers may generate the provisional electronic license plate through the Virtual Office (OFV) by accessing the entity’s web portal

Once the registration has been made as a result of the sale of the vehicles, the authorized sellers are obliged to print and deliver the provisional plate to the buyer.

When these taxpayers deliver on consignment to another authorized motor vehicle and trailer dealer, distributor, dealer or seller, a vehicle for sale purposes, the consignor must assign the consigned vehicles to the consignee via the OFV, specifying the required data.

Cost and validity of the electronic provisional license plate

The DGII established that the price of provisional plates is 500 pesos, which must be paid at the time of making the request, prior to generating the provisional plate.

This will have a validity of 90 days from its date of assignment and printing, with the aim that the issuers of these plates can carry out the management of the ultimate plate vehicle.

surcharge for late payment

If the concessionaire or the issuer makes the request for the first license plate or definitive license plate after the deadline, a 10% surcharge will be applied for late payment on the value of the tax to be paid, for the first month or fraction of a month, a 4% progressive and indefinite for each subsequent month or fraction of a month; as well as a 1.10% cumulative compensatory interest for each month or fraction of a month on the amount to be paid, established by the tax collecting entity.

Electronic Temporary Plate Structure

The PPE is made up of two parts, with the following characteristics:

· The upper part bears a sequence number, the expiration date, the vehicle data and a QR code linked to the DGII to validate the authenticity of the provisional plate.

Note that this end must be placed at the rear and front of the motor vehicle.


· The lower part must be signed by the buyer and will bear the vehicle data, the buyer’s information, the importer’s information and the same QR code from the top.

QR technology on fixed plates

Ricela Spraus said that Internal Revenue intends to implement the QR code on fixed plates.

“We are working on a project to improve technology in sheet metal in a general sense… it is a project that is still on the table,” he pointed out. “We have to follow best international practices because our plates are outdated in terms of safety and technology. We understand that as a country we must embark on projects of this type for issues including security that we are experiencing, ”she said.

Dominican journalist and broadcaster.

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