OSE: review town by town how the water supply is

OSE: review town by town how the water supply is

the drought which affects a large part of the national territory due to the scarce rainfall that has been recorded, has been causing a continuous decrease in the reservoirs and water courses that are used as a source of supply to the population.

In that context, OSE’s Board of Directors resolved to prohibit the use of drinking water for non-priority purposes.

As part of the permanent monitoring, OSE published a new weekly report on the situation of the water sources in those places most affected by the water deficit updated to Wednesday, March 22.

Supply town by town

Montevideo and surrounding areas: The reservoir of Severine Pass continues descending and is at an elevation of 30.94 meters, this being the historical minimum level recorded. The reserve is 18,849,167 m3. Work continues on measures in the event that there is no rain.

Saint Joseph: It remains stable within a critical situation.

Soriano: In Dolores there is no problem in the supply.

Cologne: In the Nueva Helvecia area, the disconnection of the towns of Colonia Valdense and Colonia La Paz will be carried out, decompressing the complex situation in which it finds itself, according to OSE. In Rosario the current regime allows to ensure a correct supply to this locality.

Cannelloni: in atlantis the rains registered in the Gold Coast reached 36 mm. Until Tuesday, the Laguna del Cisne had recovered 2 cm. The plant worked for a few hours during the weekend, then it was turned off and on Wednesday it was turned on again. Pumping continues from La Floresta, bringing the flow to 70 m3/h.

In Tala, the existing problems were resolved. And in San Ramón, the provisional intake point has been modified. Montes and Migues do not register any problems.

Florida: The Sauzal de los Cerros dam is still closed, with a 30-day reserve. Work is being done only with the flow of the Santa Lucía Chico river. 22 mm of rain were recorded and a reserve is estimated for 40 days. If there is no rainfall, the Sauzal de los Cerros dam should open in a couple of weeks.

Peach: In Durazno, accumulated rains reached 100 mm. It continues to receive water from the Tomás Cuadra Stream. The dam at the intake point is overflowing. There would be no problem for 40 days if it did not rain.

Lavalleja: in mines after an increase in the last two days, the reservoir of the Maggiolo Dam stabilized and on Wednesday it dropped 4 cm. If the level of the reservoir continues to drop, basin management measures will be resumed. It is estimated that there would be no problems for the entire month of April.

In Solís de Mataojo, 2 pumping series are maintained to favor the arrival of water to the intake. And in Nico Pérez and José Batlle y Ordoñez there are no problems.

Rock: In Lascano the supply is normal.

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